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Ok, our sleep is over....

March 1st, 2013 >> After a while away, we are pleased to be back playing some tunes. We will be at Camp Barefoot this year, and will have a few other shows this spring/ summer. So can't wait to see you guys, and let's get funky!

Funkuponya releases debut, self-titled album

Funkuponya July 1st, 2009 >> Funkuponya's new CD is here! What started out as a four track demo quickly turned into a ten track album full of all of Funkuponya's latest originals. Many thanks to Doug Carter for the countless hours of brilliant sound engineering to bring this cd to fruition. We are very excited about this debut CD and we hope you enjoy listening it as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

The album, "FUNKUPONYA", will be available on compact disc at our shows and it will also be available for download through select online retailers. Click below to sample or purchase.

Listen to tracks from the new CD | Buy online through Leeway's Homegrown Music Network